E-biking tours

E-biking tours!

E-bikes are an exciting new opportunity to explore the mountains in an environmentally friendly manner. It is more than a bicycle since the pedal-assistance helps you drain less energy so you can focus on the amazing natural habitat around you.

We have a great number of trails from beginner to expert level which last from 1 day trips to week-long experiences. Our trips include local cheese and wine tasting, bear watching, historical sightseeing (based on the route and your group's request.).

We're taking care of the necessary equipment; you just need to bring proper clothing with you.

Group-size: 2-10 person

Our tours:

Székelyvarság and kayaking at the Zetelaki dam:

The main destination of our tour is Székelyvarság, the dispersed settlement with a special atmosphere found on the picturesque plateau. We'll visit real local attractions such as the watermill, the Csorgókő waterfall, the local pub called "Parliament", then after looking around from one of the four lookout towers of the village we'll have locally grown trout for lunch. Finally we'll finish our tour with kayaking at the Zetelaki dam.

Székelyvarság is the largest dispersed settlement of Harghita county, located at an aprox. 77 km2 area in the source region of Nagy-Küküllő river. The village - also known as "shingle land" - with it's magical farmland atmosphere is a real specialty.
We'll visit the 200-year-old water mill, which also operates a circular saw. The owner of the water mill always welcomes the visitors and presents the mill with enthusiasm.
The Csorgókő waterfall is located in a fresh forest. Seven springs feed the two-steps waterfall falling from the edge of a 7 m high cliff. From here, the water is heading towards the Nagy Küküllő river.
Not far from here, we'll take a short break in the local pub called "Parliament". Then we climb up on one of the four lookout towers of the village.
Our lunch would be nothing else than a trout grown locally in lakes built on mountain streams.
We'll finish our day with kayaking at the Zetelaki dam, 8 km from far from Székelyvarság.

Duration: 1 day
Starting point: Székelyvarság or the Zetelaki dam
Distance: 34 km
Elevation: 530 m
Difficulty: beginner

Varghis canyon tour with local cheese tasting:

Steep cliff walls, cool mountain streams, caves and local cheese.

On the Merești round trip cycling will be break up by a short walk through the impressive Varghis Canyon to the Orbán Balázs cave. Then local producers will introduce us to the traditional cheese culture.

The dripstone cave and the 3 km long Varghis canyon await the visitors with many small surprises and beautiful landscapes. The tour starts from Băile Chirui, then we cycle till the entrance of the canyon. With over a hundred caves of different dimensions, the Varghis canyon was formed by the Varghis creek breaking through the limestone blocks. After walking to the Almás-cave, the largest and most famous of the canyon we will visit the local cheese producer's house, where everyone can taste the delicacies they make.

Duration: 1 day
Starting point: Kirulyfürdő
Distance: 45 km
Elevation: 850 m
Difficulty: medium

Bear wathching and sheephold tour in Ivo valley:

What comes to your mind first about Transylvania? Maybe the bears? Or sheepholds, mountain pastures, flocks of sheep or the fresh cheese?
During our electric bicycle tour we'll present two of the most popular programs among visitors of Szeklerland, bearwatching and sheephold visit.

The tradition of nomadic livestock farming is still alive in Transylvania. On this tour you have the chance to visit a traditional transylvanian sheephold and taste the locally made fresh cheese. The sheephold is the summer residence of the sheeps at the foot of the mountain. According to the old tradition, on the day of St. George, the shepherds cast the animals on the mountain pastures and stay with them until the day of St. Michael. The animals are grazing freely, being milked twice a day. After tasting the freshly made cheese, we continue our tour cycling through the woods into the valley of Ivó, then heading towards the Zetelaka dam.
We finish our tour just before sunset near the bear watching spot. We approach the watching spot by foot, where we wait patiently for the bears to gather for dinner.

Duration: 1 day
Starting point: Zetelaki dam
Distance: 35 km
Elevation: 600 m
Difficulty: medium

Price: 40 Euro/person/tour

The trip Cost includes:
- E-bike, helmet, reflective vest
- Guidance
The trip Cost excludes:
- Personal gears (weather appropriate layered clothing, gloves, goggles)
- Snacks and water for one day

Upon request, we gladly customize our tours according to the groups needs. We also offer pick-up and transport to the starting point of the tour. For more information about our tours please contact us:

WEB: http://hargitaoutdoor.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/HargitaOutdoor/
TEL: 004-0742 392866 - Biro Eszter, 004-0742 811107 - Biro Elod
EMAIL: info@hargitaoutdoor.com

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